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Toe up slings

Ортопедическая обувь для собак  Toe up slings are designed for heel joint stabilization. Can be adjusted with strap ensuring appropriate strain between sleeve and boot tip.
Orthopedic boots help to correct paw position while walking and prevent paw and toes from turning backwards.

----> Consult your vet before using Toe up slings


  • injury spinal column in lumbar area
  • ligament injuries
  • fibular nerve injuries
  • age-related degenerative changes in joints
  • inflammations etc.
Фиксатор скакательного сустава Toe up slings

Do not use for complete immobilization!

All size - €20/pcs. 
Shoes are not included in the price.

*Price in Euro

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Shoes can be granted by pet owner. We recommend orthopedic shoes Neo-Paws

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