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Prosthesis and brace for pets

Each prosthesis and brace ORTHOVET-MEDICAL LTD is made of high temperature thermoplastic after individually taken impression of the injured leg. The molded plastic is covered from inside with layer of Evapren, which is waterproof, prevents from skin irritation and provides comfort for the pet. Hook and loop fastener straps compresses the brace providing better stability.


Prosthesis are made of a special polymer molded into the shape of the disabled limb. Each prosthesis is padded with material irretentive of moisture and of specific thickness that provides comfort for the skin of the affected area.

Without a supportive prosthesis your four-legged friend is at serious risk of joint pain due to overloading, inflammation or contusion of joints.  On the other hand, this would lead to early wearing out of the joints in your neck, and to osteoarthritis.

Rear limb prosthesis Fore limb prosthesis Price 
from 380 Euro

Brace (Ortheses)

Ortheses and braces are orthopedic appliances used to support the normal physiological function of joints. They are most commonly used for treating pathological deformities of some joints caused by traumatic injuries or disabilities arising naturally due to the ageing process of one or more joints or tendons (e.g. Achilles tendon).

- >> Before buying consult a veterinarian!

 Sciatic nerve damage brace (from €160) Tarsal brace (from €260) Stifle brace (from €260)
Radialis nerve damage brace (from €160)  Elbow brace (from €260)  Carpal brace (from €260)


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