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Thank you for your interest in our products, designed to restore the mobility of handicapped pets. We understand that the limited mobility  your pet - it is a difficult time for you and for him. And it may be difficult to find a tool that will help improve the quality of life.

We offer:
Wheelchairs approved by veterinarians.Adjustable , strong and very light, the most comfortable for your pet, and all the necessary accoutrements to it.
Easy and fast measurement.
Caring and attentive customer service before and after purchase.
Many years of experience keeping dogs-disabled to help us develop the most convenient and comfortable wheelchair and a collection of other funds for the care and keeping of animals with disabilities. They facilitate and simplify the lives of both the animal and its owner.

Sincerely, the company "Frakishtak."

Frakishtak - Инвалидные коляски (тележки) для собак и др. животных-инвалидов



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