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Dog pants for males.

Трусы для кобелей

Indicated for dogs males with mild and moderate to severe incontinence. It also can be used for healthy mature hard-to-train dogs with urine marking behavior.

Panties are featured with a reusable liner with Velcro .

Liner absorbs urine and prevents leakage. Panties also can be used with disposal liners.

Suitable for all sized dogs.

Materials:  knitted fabric, polyester mesh.

XS - WC 25-30, L 10-15 (Yorkies, Toi, etc. Dwarf) - 30 EUR 
S -
WC 31-48, L 16-20 (dachshunds, pugs, small French bulldog) - 31 EUR 
M -
WC 48-54, L 20-28 (medium dogs, large French bulldog) - 37 EUR 
L -
WC 55-65, L 30-40 (well-fed medium dogs, not large him. Sheepdogs) - 39 EUR 
XL -
FROM 66-80, D 40-45 (large him. Sheepdogs, CAO, Great Dane) - 40 EUR 

*WC - waist circumference, L - length from armpit to hip.When choosing a size, both indicators are taken into account.

Reusable liner:  All size - 6 EUR 

Each next reusable liner with 15% discount

*Price in Euro 

Dog pants for males   Dog pants for males   Dog pants for males  
Dog pants for males   Dog pants for males   Dog pants for males   Dog pants for males

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Трусы для собак Dog pants for males Трусы для кобелей Dog pants for males Dog Panties for males

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