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Инвалидная коляска (тележка) для собак и других животных


Designed for pets with forelimb and/or hindlimb paralysis, paresis, movement disorders and other disabilities. Can be used for post-surgery rehabilitation.


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wheelchair for dogs Wheelchair for dogs

Frame and wheel
struts design provides lightweight and durable carts.

The whole construction is made from aluminum tubes and shapes with the diameter/size and thickness that may vary depending on wheelchair dimensions.

Инвалидные коляски для собак  Lightweight and strong wheel struts are made of aluminum alloy being employed in aircraft industry.

 Thanks to unique design our carts are well-balanced and maneuverable. They are also able to turn and featured with cambered wheels (the angle of a wheel in relation to the human sports chair’s frame) to ensure an exceptional stability and passability on different terrains.

Инвалидная коляска для собак Тележка для собаки Wheelchair dog

Harness and saddle
are made of thoroughly chosen advanced sports materials and garment accessories.

We only use extra strong and durable garment accessories designed for outdoor activity and produced in accordance with appropriate quality assurance standards.

Due to buckled straps harness and saddle can be easily adjusted providing maximum comfort for your pet.

Our carts are highly adjustable in length and height (but not width, so by measuring the width pay special attention) which means that you can any time compensate possible measurement inaccuracy with extra fitting.

Инвалидная коляска для собак Wheelchair pet

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Frakishtak - Инвалидные коляски (тележки) для собак и др. животных-инвалидов



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