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Elbow sleeves are designed for elbow protection

Налокотники для собак (защита для локтей)

Widely used during elbow joint sores, bedsores, calluses, granulomas and arthritis healing. Elbow sleeves are extremely effective as hygroma (bursitis) preventive and treating aid.

It is possible to put hygienic pad into the sleeve in order to provide wound exudate absorption, or tampon impregnated with medication (both can be easily replaced).

Our easy to use sleeves ensure maximum comfort for your pet. Each aid consists of 2 forelimb sleeves and chest strap. Back and chest straps and wristbands are adjustable in width with Velcro . 
Chest strap prevents back strap from shifting when pet is taking a sitting or lying position.

Elbow sleeves are designed for elbow protection

 Available in 2 modifications: Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor model is suitable for pets that are kept in the home.
Waterproof and wearproof fabric of the Outdoor model makes it suitable for outdoorsy pets.

Materials: airprene, Velcro , nylon strap, light-reflecting strap. 



М - €53
М+ - €60
L - €68
M - €57
М+ - €65
L - €75
Налокотники для собак

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