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Elbow wrap

Бандаж локтевого сустава  Provides moderate support for elbow joint.  Бандаж для локтевого сустава

Can be used before and after surgery and chronic arthritis, Osteoarthritis, OCD, Ligament Injuries, Arthritis, ED and other  assessments. 

----> Consult with your veterinarian.



  • Elbow joint stabilization
  • Decreases joint movement amplitude
  • Prevents  re-traumatization
  • Decreases pain behavior in elbow arthritis 

Reliable fixation with straps prevents wrap from sagging or shifting. Can be adjusted in length and width with Velcro .

Two models: UNO (single-limb) and DUO (two limbs)

Materials: airprene, Velcro , nylon strap.

Do not use for complete immobilization!

Бандаж для локтевого сустава собак Elbow wrap for dog Бандаж для локтей животных Elbow brace for dog

  Бандаж для локтя  

 UNO (single-limb)  - €63
 DUO (two limbs) -  €76

 * Price in Euro

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