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Reusable washable underpads

Многоразовые пеленки для собак   Reusable washable underpads is a great money-saving and smart solution. In contrast to disposables reusable underpads are both budget-and environment-friendly because they are designed to endure frequent machine washing.

Underpads consist of a few layers:

The inner one is made of natural ecofabric widely used for baby underpads and clothes manufacture ensuring odor elimination and irritant and allergic reactions prevention.


Absorbency: 2 l/m2



Reusable washable underpads 1 pcs.:
S (50х40см) - €12
M (70х50см) - €14
L (90х70см) - €17
XL (110х90см ) - €24 

Многоразовые пеленки для животных

*Price in Euro


Machine, hand wash. First wash at 30°C, subsequent to 60°C. 
Do not use chlorine-based agents. 
Machine or hand-wringing.
Hangs well wrung. Not ironed.


Frakishtak - Инвалидные коляски (тележки) для собак и др. животных-инвалидов



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